Hairband Concerns

Posted: Tue, 04 Sep 2018 11:51 by Martin Broomhead

Hairband Concerns

At the Desford Scarecrow Festival, a number of hairbands were sold as part of the fund-raising efforts for Desford in Bloom.

Since the sale of these hairbands, concerns have been raised about the safety of them.

Opposite is a photo of one of these hairbands with one of the flowers removed to show the pin that attaches the flower to the band.

At present, Desford Parish Council are actively seeking legal advice about what to do about these hairbands. We are also seeking advice from Trading Standards and the Citizens Advice Service.

If in the meantime you no longer want your hairband, please return it to the Parish Office in the library and we will happily give you a refund for it. (The office is open from 10 to 12 on Tuesdays and 10 to 3 on Thursdays).

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